Golden Fleece Boutique

We're here!

Kirsten GuerreroComment

First of all, I want to say thank you. It has been through your support and encouragement that Golden Fleece Boutique has gone from one old chipped enamel pot, an ounce of dirty mohair from eBay, and some coffee grounds- to a thriving business that satisfies my need to create!

My ultimate goal is to offer a place where we can all showcase our work, as well as providing you with the very best products and tools to create your art. I began this adventure by refining the perfect Golden Fleece Mohair and soon branched out to include Golden Fleece Pygora and Golden Fleece Suri Alpaca. There is much more in the works, and I can't wait to see it all unfold!

The doll community is like no other. We are a supportive group of artists who choose to help each other rather than compete. I am happy to bring you a resource for learning and inspiration, and a hub for advertising your business. In order for this to work, we all have to spread the word! Share my "Customer Work" Gallery on Facebook, pin your favorite dolls and hair on Pinterest, tell your customers and fans about this new space. I appreciate your support, and I will reciprocate in whatever way I can! 

Hugs and happy rooting,