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Premium Doll Hair

Golden Fleece Boutique specializes in top quality hair for your art doll projects. Our hair is perfect for Reborn Dolls, Ball Jointed Dolls, Blythe Dolls, OOAK Dolls, costuming, and many other types of fine art sculptures. We carry kid, yearling, and adult mohair as well as pygora and suri alpaca.


Art & Gifts

In addition to mohair, we are proud to offer a unique selection of handmade gifts and art pieces. Please visit the Our Story page to learn more about the artist behind Golden Fleece Boutique, and the Art & Gifts page to browse current selections. 



Mohair comes from the Angora goat, which is prized for its soft, lustrous locks of hair. Only the very best fleece is used in our production of Golden Fleece Mohair. Extensive research and processing techniques have been employed in order to provide you with the absolute best in luxury mohair. 



Pygoras are a relatively new type of goat, bred for a fleece that exemplifies exquisite texture and sheen. Working characteristics of pygora are similar to those of mohair. This fiber is more costly in its raw state and extremely difficult to find in a sufficient staple length for doll hair, so you will see a slightly higher price tag on the finished product. But oh, is it ever worth it!


Suri Alpaca

Suri Alpacas produce silky, straight fiber that is perfect for creating newborn hair and wispy hairlines. It is somewhat challenging to work with due to its extremely fine texture, so some rooting experience and a very fine needle (43- 46g) are recommended. Most of our Suri Alpaca is sold in its natural color, without any type of dye. It is a wonderful fiber for creating BJD, Blythe, and OOAK doll wigs.


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Happy rooting!