Golden Fleece Boutique


How to Create Big, Bouncy Curls

This styling technique results in large ringlet curls that will stand up to light combing with a wide-toothed comb.


Step 1

Wet mohair thoroughly with water or leave-in conditioner. Gently comb to disperse the moisture evenly.

*To achieve this result, It is important to start with the right mohair. Root your doll's head with our Adult mohair (shown here) to create this type of curl. Yearling or kid hair will style in the same manner, but natural structure of the hair might cause it to look different.


Step 2

Separate the hair into small sections and wrap each section around your finger. Clip with a hair clip or bobby pin to prevent it from unwinding. You can wrap hair with a twist to create ringlet curls, or with no twist to create fluffier curls. You can also play with different sized wraps. Use a pencil instead of your finger, or a thick highlighter, or a paintbrush handle. 


Step 3

Allow to dry thoroughly. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process, but make sure there is no moisture left before unclipping the hair. 


Step 4

Remove clips and fluff the hair out with your fingers. The curls will stay until the hair is wet again, at which point it will go back to its original structure. 

*This technique can also be used to straighten our Adult hair. Simply wet it, comb straight, and let dry.