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Reborn Dolls by Kirsten Bjore Guerrero

Kirsten's dolls are painted with as many as thirty layers of Genesis Heat Set Paint, and each one takes several months to complete

(she has real kids who keep her busy!)  The hair alone averages 40 hours per doll.

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Art Education

Kirsten is an art teacher at a public high school in San Antonio, TX. She teaches beginning to advanced classes, grades 9th- 12th. Her students are extremely supportive of her "strange" fascinations, such as reborning and processing dirty goat hair. In fact, her doll making journey began when one class chipped in to surprise her with a NuWave oven! She has used the process of building this business to teach her students about branding, marketing, and self promotion. Click the button below to explore her classroom blog. *Above painting by AP art student Brinnah.



Everyone starts as a beginner. Kirsten is grateful for the generous help provided by a long line of reborn artists who came before her. Click the button below to view Kirsten's favorite free reborning tutorials, the "Reborn With Me" series by Kim at Custom Doll Baby.


Art Dolls

From collectible Barbies kept pristine in their packages to handmade rag dolls from her auntie, dolls have always been a part of Kirsten's life. As a person who appreciates the strange and unusual, Kirsten tends to make sculptural dolls that are surreal and, to many viewers, "creepy." One of her goals as an artist is to harness traditional "womens' work" such as fiber art and sewing, and reimagine it in fine art applications. Click on the button below to learn about art dolls and their place in the field of fine art.