Golden Fleece Boutique


Terms & Conditions

Artists are encouraged to share photos of their work made with Golden Fleece Boutique products. We have a special gallery space just to showcase your art! We are happy to create a link to your website, Facebook page, or online shop. Email photos, business info, and privacy preferences to

  1. By submitting a photo, you give full permission to Golden Fleece Boutique to use the photo in our gallery and/or for promotional and marketing purposes. Images may appear on other online platforms such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Pinterest, and online forums.
  2. Full credit will be given to you as the artist. When submitting a photo, please indicate how much personal information you would like publicly displayed. (Ex: full name)
  3. By submitting a photo, you are stating that you used Golden Fleece Boutique products on your doll or art piece. Any art found to have been created without using our products will be removed from the gallery.
  4. You may request the removal of your photos at any time. 
  5. Submit as many photos as you'd like. We will choose the photo(s) we wish to display.

We love working with people! Do you sell your dolls? Tell us about it! We feature three artists every month to promote them and their work. Small business owners have to stick together.


Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Your information will never be shared without your permission. Simple, yeah? : )